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McCullough Park

Plainfield & County Line Roads


Nine-acre McCullough Park is named in honor of founding Park Board member Purdie McCullough. The park contains a 2.5 acre pond and a mile long pedestrian pathway, complete with a water spanning bridge that encircles and meanders through the park site.  A small seating area, featuring a game table, is situated on an outcropping point on the water’s edge.  An 8 car parking lot provides limited off street parking.

The park features a number of large, old Bur Oak trees and a wide variety of flowering shrubs and native plantings.  The park offers an open field suitable for disc throwing, ball catch, kite flying, and other moderately active pursuits.  The completion of sidewalks along Frontage Road has created opportunity for safe pedestrian passage from Harvester Park to Oak Grove Park to McCullough Park.

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