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Special Recreation

Gateway Special Recreation Association provides recreation services throughout the year to children, teens, and adults with disabilities. Gateway S.R.A. was formed through an intergovernmental agreement and is an extension of the Park Districts of Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Pleasant Dale, Westchester, and York Center, the City of Countryside, and the Villages of Hinsdale and Willowbrook. Program Services. Gateway S.R.A. contracts the professional services of Ray Graham Association for People with Disabilities to provide recreation services. Programs are conducted at a variety of locations throughout the seven communities, and at the Anna Emery Hanson Center in Burr Ridge. Program brochures are available at the Hanson Center and the Community Center. All programs are structured for persons with disabilities. Gateway S.R.A. and the Ray Graham Association promotes and encourages positive interaction between persons with and without disabilities. Persons with disabilities can participate in their local park district programs with the needed support service. Certain Gateway programs are open to individuals who do not have disabilities. We also encourage participants to explore other opportunities within the Park District. Call 630-325-3857 or email for information. Visit the Ray Graham website.

Burr Ridge Park District Programs. The Burr Ridge Park District welcomes and encourages persons with disabilities to participate in our seasonal offerings. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance in facilitating an arrangement for you, as we have done for many others needing special accommodations. Your advance call helps us to properly plan for a successful recreation experience.

The Hanson Center. The Hanson Center is located on 59th Street & Garfield in Burr Ridge.

Volunteer Opportunities. Opportunities are available 6 days a week, afternoon and evening hours. Assist with a variety of programs. Gateway SRA provides weekly recreational programs, Special Olympic sport programs, special events, and dances. Programs vary from season to season. Contact Jorie Meyer at 630-325-3857, extension 109.

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