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Ice Skating


Lighting: Lighting is not athletic quality but provides adequate illumination for skating.

Rules & Regulations: For rules and regulations see posted sign at ice area.

Note: Ice skating area may be subject to closure for maintenance or inadequate conditions. If the conditions are not conducive to skating, signage will be posted. Please obey the direction to stay off the ice, as activity at this time will result in further delays.

Fara Family Park Ice Rink Currently: CLOSED

At Harvester Park, the District will be providing an outdoor ice-skating area for younger children and parents that is 25% of the capacity of Fara Family Park rink and is not suitable for teen or adult play.   Please check Harvester Park Kids skating area conditions on our website and/or recorded message at 630-920-1969.

Harvester Park Ice Rink Currently: CLOSED

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